When I am not working on my on creations, I do pet portrait commissions.
For the time being, I only offer one size. All prices are in euros.
The size I offer at the moment is:
18 X 24 cm for drawings: 135 euro
Any sizes for painting... Please contact me before ordering a painting as the prices varies depending on your wish. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me here if you have any questions! 
If you want more than one animal in each drawing there will be an additional fee.  You will need to pay a nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot on my waiting list. Once I have contacted you after you paying the deposit, I will begin your drawing as soon as possible. 
All my drawings are made with love and respect for my “model”, and only with the best materials. If you would like it I can frame the drawing/painting as well before shipping it to you.  Please tell me about your animal when you contact me as I would love to hear about them! It is a great way to get to know my "model" and you. 
Before you send me a photo of your animal, please chose it carefully. The better the picture, the better the outcome. Does it show your animal's personality? Are the colors correct? Is it sharp? etc. I want to make you an amazing drawing/painting, so please consider the above.
Unless the drawing is a gift, you will be able to see the drawing progress on my Instagram and Facebook page. It is a great way for you to see the drawing/painting “come to life”. 
When the drawing is done I will send you a preview of it to your email. I need you to tell me if you are satisfied with it, but if not, I am only able to make minor changes at this point. If you are satisfied with the outcome, I will send you an invoice for shipping. If you want to know the approximate shipping rates before you order, please contact me here
I always send my drawings/paintings with track and trace so we both know where it is, and when it safely lands on your doorstep. 
When you have received it, would you mind sending me an email? I would love to know if you are satisfied with my work and if I may, I would love to share your experience on my social media for others to see. I love seeing my drawings in their new homes as I get quite connected to them while I draw them as I spend many hours on each and every one.