What does art mean to me?

To me, art is such an important part of my life. To be fair, it has not always been. I have always been creative in finding solutions to problems etc. but it was not until my accident in 2014 that I started to draw. In 2015 I took a 4-month art course, and that changed everything for me. I studied classical drawing and now I am still really inspired by one of the (in my opinion) best teachers I have ever had the pleasure to meet, Glenn Vilppu. His approach to drawing is unlike anything I have ever encountered and if you have any interest in improving in any way, go to google right away and search him up - you will not be disappointed!

I enjoy the freedom of being creative but I am also very strict with myself. I strive to be better every time I sit down to create whenever it is drawing, painting, sketching, etc. I am rarely satisfied with my work, but I finally feel like I am starting to loosen up a bit, which has provided me with more room to play and explore without feeling the need to perfect every single stroke. I cannot wait to see what will happen during the next months and also where will this blog go? Well, no one knows!

“There are no rules, only tools” - Glenn Vilppu

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