As I talked about my previous blog, I spent a lot of time in january to research artist. But one thing I realized I never mentioned on the blog, was my trip to "Art Museums of Skagen" or as we call it, Skagen Museum, last summer before the pandemic closed everything down once more. The museum is not all, some of the most famous artist homes have been transformed into museums open to the public as well. As a Dane, some of you might find it strange that I have never visited the museum before, but from my home it is a long drive and I have only ever been up there a few times in my life. 

I remember the first time I saw one of the paintings. My grandparents had two posters hanging of two of the most famous pantings, "Summer evening at Skagen. The artist and his wife" and "Summer evening at Skagen". Both paintings are painted by Peder Severin Krøyer. The first painting portraits him with his wife, Marie Krøyer as well as their dog and the last painting is the painting of Marie with the dog. 

I cannot say why I felt compelled to them back then, but now I know why. The colours, and the way Krøyer could execute light. 

When I went to see the exhibition, I was incredibly excited to see the two painting from my childhood, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed! They where much bigger than I have ever imagined and one thing I learned from this experience is that if you ever have the chance to go see a piece of work that you have admired for years, do it. It felt incredibly inspired, and that inspirations still sticks with me when I work now.

Due to copyright issues I cannot post any pictures of the paintings, but the can all be found on the Art Museums of Skagen website. 



Til alle dem som læser dette på dansk, gør jer selv en tjeneste og besøg museet så snart det genåbner, det er det hele værd!



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