The end of my degree


The end of my degree is approaching fast and in two days, I will have handed everything in. It has been a strange time with everything going on, and not the end of my degree I have pictured in my head when I applied for the university back in 2018. I am trying to see things on the positive side and start planning what I want to do with my degree. I have chosen that the next year, I will dedicate myself to my art and my small business. I also feel like I won't graduate from uni before next year anyway when I will hopefully be able to join my friends and celebrate our graduation in person. It is strange to hand in everything electronically again as I feel like so much of the paintings lose their "spark" when they are not viewed in person.. a photograph does not capture the paintings the way they were meant to be received by the viewer.
Here at the end, I look back on everything I have achieved, how much I have evolved over the past three years, and how incredibly lucky I have been to be a part of it all. The things I have learned and how to use them is something I would have never done if I did not have my teachers to guide me and my fellows students to debate with. There is no easy way to say goodbye to all of this, but I still cannot wait to see where I will be just a year from now! I have so many ideas and projects for my business which hopefully will grow into something, slowly but surely.

These are the six paintings that were supposed to go as a set for the graduation show, but due to the current situation, only two of them could be hung up as prints.

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