John Threlfall

John Threlfall

I have researched many artists for my painting project but one of them, John Threlfall, inspired my last project for the graduation show. John Threlfall is a British wildlife artist. Threlfall began documenting his observations of animals and the landscape right after he graduated university. He then began taking classes and joined local art groups as well. When he later in life moved again, this time to Dumfries and Galloway, he began using his observational drawings as foundations for his paintings. 

My first encounter with Threlfall's work was a pastel drawing of two birds. Having that piece in mind, I began wondering how I could use the pastels as an improvised painting medium, and perhaps even add acrylic to it as well. This investigation led to the creating of my final project "Seabirds", and two of those paintings went into my graduation show.

More of John Threlfall's work can be seen here:

This is a selection of some of my work from the "Seabirds" series. The reason why I chose seabirds is that they can be found close to both my homes, in Denmark and Wales.


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