Artist inspiration series and ash!

Artist inspiration series and ash!

So, I finally concluded, that there is no way for me to make just a few blogposts private for copyright reasons, so I need to hide all of them instead. Therefore, I will no longer be doing my blogpost in both English and Danish as my danish readers will not have access to the posts for the time being. Making my blogpost private from now on means that I will be doing a small series of artist that has inspired my work, so exciting posts ahead!

But for this post I want to talk about a rather new, pigment I have begun to use in some of my work, ash. I have been interested in making my own pigments for quite some time but with the arrival of winter, things got a little difficult.
One day I was takings out the ash from our fireplace and suddenly it hit me, could I not try to make some dry pigments with the ash? Would it even work? So I began sorting the ashes, big pieces were thrown out and the smaller ones crushed to a fine powder. My first intention was to make the powder so fine, that it would almost be invisible to the eye but I fell in love with the texture it could add to the painting. During the process of making the ash into a useable pigment, I found that the ash had several different shades, I was only able to get enough pigment to make two different shades of the ash but it is something I will look forward to experimenting even more with in the future!

For all the paintings down below I have used ash as a colour or a structure, or even both.



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