Thorgrimur Andri Einarsson

Thorgrimur Andri Einarsson

The first artist I want to talk about is the artist that really got me interested in painting, Thorgrimur Andri Einarsson. Einarsson is an icelandic artist, currently living in Reykjavík. Einarssons interest in the art began early as he found himself interested in composing music, but later on he began painting with oils and he has been painting ever since. Einarsson call his own work of style "painterly realism" and he works from observation most of the time as he believe it catches the true authencity of his chosen subject. Without getting too caught up in all the small details, Einarsson tries to capture his subject with the aid of Alla Prima, which enables him to focus on the values and colors of his work.

I remember the first time I saw his work. His use of colours and the way he use his brush to "break" the edges of his subjects caught my eye. I find his style very minimalistic as in nothing is present in the painting unless it adds value to the finished piece. Looking at the way Einarsson depicts his subjects helped me gain a better understanding on how "less is more". Last year I did a painting after having spent many hours studying his style and I still consider it to be one of my most successful paintings.


More of Einarssons work can be seen here: 


This is the painting I did which I mentioned further up in this post. I really want to explore this style, and Alla Prima, more in the near future!


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