Jennifer Gennari

Jennifer Gennari

Jennifer Gennari is another artist which I find incredibly inspiring. Gennari has studied in both the US but also trained as a classical artist in Florence, Italy. Gennari began depicting animals in her work in 2014 because she wanted to "elevate and legitimize the life we have with them". Just as I mentioned in an earlier blog post, she uses the method of Alla Prima in her work as well. For some reason, I seem to be drawn to artists working in that style. Gennari wants to capture the individuality and personality each animal possesses, just as I want to achieve the same feeling when I depict my birds. Nowadays, Gennari works as a full-time artist but she also teaches people both online and in person.

The reason why I find Gennaris work interesting is due to the way she can bring out the personality and characteristic each animal have. Birds are no different to me. Another thing I love about Gennari's work is her use of brush marks. With limited strokes, she can define the fur, whiskers and even make the eyes come alive. She is an artist I will be following closely for inspiration.


More of Jennifer Gennari's work can be seen here:


I did a few experiments on my own take on Gennari's style, not with birds, but with a dog and two horses. I believe it is good to sometimes switch your subjects with something new!







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