Artist statement...

My name is Tine H. Andersen. I am a mixed media artist. All my work is somehow inspired by nature, and most of the time animals are present in them. My pencils are my “weapons of choice”, but since I began at the university I have ventured into the world of painting. 
I have always been surrounded by nature, and nature is also the basis of my inspiration. When I go outside, I am always thinking about how many animals may be there or even silently watching me from a distance. There are so many of these animals we never get to see, and sometimes we are lucky for a brief moment. I want to capture that “exciting” feeling you get when you see an animal, both for the first time and also those you see every day but you never really get a proper look at as they often are gone before you know it. Just think of a sparrow. They are everywhere but do you ever really get to see their markings, how their feathers perfectly shape their bodies, or how they can “puff up” to keep warm? The little gleam in their eyes? That is what my mission is, to capture what is surrounding us every day, but what a few of us never really see. I will draw or paint what I see, and hopefully, it will make people curious and exciting about what is out there every day all year round.  
I have no current projects running, I hope to make a project during the summer featuring Scandinavian animals, which just like animals all over the world needs protection and care.
For most of my pieces, I use pencils. Last year I bought my first ever set of coloured pencils and that opened a whole new world for me. As I mentioned earlier, I have also started to paint. It is still a learning process but working more spontaneous is such a good exercise for me, and I simply love the bold marks you can make by paint, but also the soft almost invisible ones I can achieve with my pencils. 

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